Music and the Body

“Timani provides a whole new awareness when it comes to exactly what we need with regard to the requirements of musicians. I am happy that I found something as specialized as this.”

— Leif Ove Andsnes, pianist

As musicians we are completely dependent on the coordination skills of our body. The interplay of muscular use is really complex, and it is therefore useful to have specific knowledge about what is actually going on when we play and sing. This is where Timani comes in to get an overview of relevant anatomy and movement.

Have you ever experienced pain while playing your instrument? Have you ever wondered how to breathe optimally when singing or playing? Do you want to find the most natural technique possible and let your musicality flow while playing or singing? If so, Timani might be just the thing for you! 

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What is Timani?

Timani is a complement to ordinary instrumental and singing lessons. It is focusing on how you use your body while making music, and is designed to unlock unnecessary tensions, find stability and develop a natural and effortless technique allowing you to express your own unique musical ideas. 

Timani is designed to help musicians understand and overcome challenges related to pain, injury, technical issues, sound production or even just to enhance one’s playing to access higher potential as a musician. 

By focusing on the physiological aspects of playing, it enables musicians to make the best use of their body while practicing and performing. It is used by musicians worldwide – from soloists to entire ensembles, and from students to established professionals – whether they have already experienced performance-related pain or injury, or want to prevent them from arising in the first place. 

Timani is also becoming increasingly popular in schools and colleges, taught by an ever-increasing network of teachers in fifteen countries who are inspired to pass on its benefits to musicians everywhere.

I have completed the three-year Timani Teacher Certification training at the Musicians’ Health and Movement Institute in Oslo, Norway, and am offering private lessons as well as workshops.

Photo: Maya Angelsen

A session typically looks like this:

  • You present what you would like help with. It could be anything from pain, or discomfort to optimal breathing, or wanting to improve a particular technical or musical aspect of your playing. 
  • I will ask you to play or sing something for about one minute. With your permission I will record it on video so we can look at it together without the sound, to be able to focus on your movement pattern. 
  • I will share my observations with you, and do a brief anatomical explanation of what I’ve seen. 
  • We will do one or two exercises together which will target the areas that could benefit your playing the most.  
  • To finish you will be asked to play the same extract once again, also this time while being filmed. 
  • After the session I will send you the detailed exercise as a pdf document, so that you can do it at home.

The fee is 50€ for a session, which lasts approximatively one hour.

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