Mind Detox

Find and resolve the Root Cause to any problem

Are you suffering from stage fright?

Have you lost the motivation to practise your instrument?

Do you feel like there is something holding you back in your musical career?

If anything negative is happening in your mind, emotions, body or life, and you don’t know why, then Mind Detox can help!

Mind Detox is a powerful method for getting to the root cause of any issue.

The 5-Step Mind Detox Method consists of a combination of questions and mental exercises for healing the underlying root cause(s) of physical, emotional and life issues. You will start by getting clear on what you want to detox.

Consider this: What would you like to heal, let go of, or stop happening? What would you like to change or improve?

Using the 5-Step Method you will uncover the unconscious root cause age and event, which is often a memory that you haven’t thought about in years. The rest of the method then resolves the past event.

This simple method has been found to quickly and comfortably clear the mind of toxic beliefs and attitudes, which in turn can enhance physical and emotional health, while increasing our ability to access more peace, purpose and potential in daily life.

Photo: Maya Angelsen
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